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Gift Card FAQ

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How does it work?

Once you buy a gift card, you will receive an email with the Gift Card Code.

The gift card recipient will only receive an email if their details were entered when purchasing the card.

Is the recipient notified when I buy the gift card?

The recipient is only notified if their details were entered when purchasing the card. If you want to keep it a surprise for another date, enter your information info the "recipient" section, OR click "schedule" and have the giftcard email send on a specific date.

You can send a personalized message with the giftcard.

How does the recipient redeem the gift card?

To redeem the gift card, the recipient will need the access the link provided in the email, which will take them to the redemption page.

Once on the page, they will need to input the code and click Claim gift card.

If they are a new subscriber, they will need to sign up. However, if they already have an account, they can log in.

After signing up or logging in, they will be redirected toward our subscriptions or plans page. They will choose a plan and start the checkout process.

The gift balance will be applied towards the purchase they selected. If the chosen plan is more expensive than the gift balance, the recipient needs to add their payment info. To purchase, click on Complete.

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