Thanks for subscribing to Means TV! 

As a subscriber, you can access our full content library from a variety of devices.

To ensure the best possible user experience, we have compiled the following on how to get the most of our current streaming technology.

Because we’re a streaming service that doesn’t have millions of dollars to pour into tech, there are naturally going to be some small quirks with our service that we’ll have to smooth out. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding <3.


Where can I watch Means TV?

Subscribers can watch Means TV from anywhere in the world! Sign in or make an account here.

You can access Means TV across desktop, Android, iOS, and smart TV devices like Roku, Fire and Apple TV

How much does Means TV cost?

Means TV costs $10/month or $110/year. 

Both of these plans give you full access to our entire library which is updated on a weekly basis. 

Sign up now.

If $10/month is not affordable for you but you'd still like to become a subscriber, we offer monthly subscriptions on a sliding scale. Send us an email and let us know what is affordable for you each month (including $0), and we'll get you set up.

How do I manage my account / profile?

On desktop you can manage your profile by clicking “PROFILE” in the navigation bar at the top of the page or by going to

On mobile apps, you can manage your profile by going to furthest right tab that has a gear icon at the very bottom.

Means TV Billing and Payments

Means TV members are automatically charged each month on the day they made their first payment. You will receive a reminder email 3 days prior to being billed.

You can manage your plan and payments by going to your profile,

How do I adjust the quality of the video?

Click the gear icon in the bottom right corner of the viewing window to adjust the quality of the video. If you’re experiencing lag or connection issues, the cause is usually your internet speed/bandwidth.

If you’re experiencing technical issues, email

Does your viewer support picture-in-picture viewing natively?

Yes. If you select the little window with an arrow icon in the bottom right hand corner of the viewer, you can access the picture-in-picture feature.

Can I download movies on my phone so I can watch them even if I don’t have internet connection?

Yes. On our mobile apps, you can download compressed versions of our content to view while you aren’t connected to the internet. Like on a plane, or in a desert, idk.

How do I use subtitles?

Most of our films will have subtitles in english and some have subtitles in other languages. To access subtitles you can click CC on desktop and smart tv’s and on mobile select the little text bubble next to the play icon.

If you are looking for subtitles in a non-english language, check the version of the film labeled “international” and that is where you will be able to find other languages if they’re available. 

We are working on adding more languages all the time. If you want subtitles in a specific language for a specific piece of content, email us and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

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